Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Incredibly Interesting Iguana - by Rianne Hobbs

Iguanas are herbivorous reptiles, which means that they only eat plants! [1[You can find them in Central and Southern America, Mexico and the Caribbean [2]. Many of you may even have one as a pet, which if cared for properly, can live for 15-20 years [3]!
An Iguana has an extremely strong tail which is used to punch its enemies. If need be it can detach its tail from its body which allows it to escape from a predator a lot quicker. The broken tail will soon grow back and can grow to its original size! [2]
Artwork by Rianne Hobbs
Iguanas, like all reptiles, are cold blooded. This means that they like to be in warmer temperatures to keep them warm as they can’t make themselves warmer internally like me and you! [3]
Another interesting fact about Iguanas is that they have a third eye on top of their head! However, it does not produce images like our eyes do [4].
Some Iguanas are really good swimmers, in fact they can be underwater for up to 28 minutes without coming up for air! Some can even inflate themselves which causes them to float in water [5].
It’s not surprising that the iguanas who live high up in the trees can sometimes fall down, but they have the ability to live after falling from scary heights of up to 40-50 feet without hurting themselves, which is pretty amazing![4]
These are just a few of the many reasons why Iguanas are incredibly interesting indeed!