Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Skyenimal System

Have you ever wondered why so many children are enthralled with animals? Is it the cute, cuddly pictures they see on TV or in books? Is it the pet they remember touching or holding at home or at their friends house? Or could it be something deeper programmed into every one of us at birth?

At an early age most children begin to recognize and respond to animal images with enthusiasm and excitement. Because of this, animal images are often used to assist early childhood education. For example, parents and educators throughout the world often use animal images to enhance the learning process of alphabet letter recognition.

In addition to making fundamental learning more interesting learning about the animals themselves is an excellent way to introduce children to the world at large. Learning about an animal can directly or indirectly introduce a child to geography, biology, physics, sociology and many other sciences.

Does your child like Elephants? If so, they will likely be curious where in the world Elephants live (geography). Do they love watching fish swim in a pond? Before too long they may ask 'how do those fish breathe'? (biology). Dinosaurs? History. Birds? Physics. Migrations? Ecology. Animal groups and families? Sociology. The list goes on an on, and the learning opportunities never run dry.
Learning based on animals can be taken to great depths in many conceivable directions. This is why animals studies have lead to numerous inventions that helped shape the world as we know it. We have radar, sonar, airplanes and glow sticks to name just of few of inventions inspired by the animal world. People are still learning from the animal kingdom today and will surely learn and invent currently unimaginable things for decades or centuries to come.

In addition to learning opportunities animals also seem to have a way of bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together. When you see someone you don't know has established the same loving bond with their pet you can more easily see the humanity and compassion instead of focusing on language or cultural differences. Suddenly the person that was different from you seems a lot like you.

At Skyenimals we hope to provide a safe environment for kids to learn about animals as well as share their knowledge, creativity and artistic ability with other children and animal lovers throughout the world. Come join us at http://skyenimals.com/ for imagination, learning and fun.

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