Monday, March 7, 2016

The Precious Pallas's Cat - by Rianne Hobbs

When you think of a wild cat you often picture a Tiger or a Lion, however, there are many different species of Cat that live in the world. One of the lesser known ones is the Pallas's Cat.
Pallas's Cats can be found throughout Asia and are best adapted to life high up in the mountains where the temperature is cooler. They will build their dens in crevices between rocks, in caves, or they may even steal another animal’s burrow and claim it as their own! [1]
Photo from Tokyo Times.
The Pallas's Cat is carnivorous, which means it eats meat, especially Pika and Voles. However, both Pika and Voles are viewed as pests and are being poisoned to get rid of them, which means there is less and less food for the Pallas's Cats to eat! 
As adorable and cute as the Pallas's Cat may be, just like other wild cats, it should not be kept as a pet! They aren’t adapted for living at low altitudes (near the ground) and are wild animals so they really need to live in the wild. [2]
Pallas's Cats can often be mistaken for Monkeys! However, this isn’t too surprising when you take into account their compact body shape, white chin, white cheeks and beard, and a flat face (Similar to a Persian cat) which may make it look very monkey-like from certain angles![3]

All of these facts and the photo make it very easy to see that the Pallas Cat is very precious indeed!